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Technology consulting

Dedicated vCIO

You'll receive a dedicated vCIO, which is a virtual Chief Information Officer.  For Fortune 500 companies, the role of the CIO is to bridge the gap from technology to business process.  We'll provide this role to you to help make sure your technology decisions are in line with your business objective

Technology summaries

Part of our continual technology alignments are to provide you with a current state-of-technology in your organization. These technology summaries don't just look at hardware but cover software, IT processes, and your organization's use of technology.

Design desk

The design desk provides resources to create, consult, design, and implement meaningful technology solutions in your organization.  This includes items such as installing a new next-gen firewall and migrating to cloud services such as Office365.

Budget planning

Our process of technology alignment helps your capital outlay budgeting by providing concrete timelines and budget numbers so you're not hit by surprise by being forced to make a large series of technology purchases.  This continual look at the future ensures your accounting is never caught by surpise.

Business impact

We don't speak to you as tech guys, but rather as business advisers.  You have enough to worry about with your own operations without having to decide on whether a workstation needs 8GB or 16GB of RAM. We take those questions and process them through our knowledge of your organization and make those decisions for you.

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