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Reactive support

Help desk support

When problems arise our team is ready to help. Whether large, system critical issues or small, user questions, our help desk team assists your staff to resolve any issues they face.  Our team can resolve most issues remotely but is also available to come on site.

On-site support

While most issues can be resolved remotely, our team is available to travel to your office location (within 150 miles of Alachua, FL) to handle anything that needs to be worked on.  This can be troubleshooting, installation, or device related.

Problem isolation and resolution

Our skilled team can effectively isolate any technical issue from other unrelated items and resolve that issue with a targeted resolution.  We don't take the lazy approach of just opening up your firewall, turning off antivirus, or just replacing a whole computer.  Instead we effectively determine the root cause and address that specifically.

How-to questions

Our help desk team doesn't just answer troubleshooting questions.  We also handle the simple how-to questions of how to operate software, systems, and other items that your staff may use daily.  This helps lift the overall operational efficiency by making your staff's use of technology more meaningful.

Customer portal

Our easy-to-use ticketing system functions as a portal for your users to interact with our support team and for you to gain insight and control approval of tickets and support requests. The portal also offers integrated chat so your users can request support without having to interrupt their day.