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Network administration

Dedicated network administrator

We set aside time slots dedicated to just you and just proactive auditing and assessment of network conditions, best-practice alignment, and prevention of future issues.  This network administration role is performed regularly on your systems to ensure maximum compliance and uptime.

Technology checklists

Our process is simple:  ensure the pieces of technology are documented, assessed, and scoped for overall technology alignment and compliance.  We ensure every piece of technology you rely on has a plan for failure and an outline for performance in your organization.

Best practices

We use industry proven standards that will ensure your organization stays secure and remains competitive.  We automatically determine what compliance policies you must adhere to based on industry and ensure any other out-of-scope areas are fully covered under our own internal auditing process.

Centralized services review

Our network administrator goes through the entire application of our centralized services deployment to ensure all your machines have the latest patches, programs, security protection, and more applied in the correct time-frame allotted.

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