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Who we are

We are a small team of five North-Florida natives who have a passion for making technology better.

What we do

We make the I.T. at your organization better through our proven consulting and help desk approaches.

Why we do it

We are really passionate about seeing you grow and do things better. We hate technology problems as much as you do because they slow us all down!


For founder Eric May, you can trace computers back to an early age. His father started programming computers—yes with punch cards—and helped get Eric started at an early age. In 1st grade Eric and his dad built a computer out of old used parts, namely a single core 12Mhz processor. (Today’s processors are around 1200x more powerful) In 2003 Eric founded Inception Design as a general computer and web/graphics service group, providing web-based creative and collaboration services for clients all over the State of Florida.

In 2012 Eric reorganized the company under the new business structure Elgie May, LLC, in memoriam of his grandmother, Elgie Irene May (1915-2006), whose life was an inspiration to Eric. After hearing her experiences of not seeing electricity until her teens, Eric was inspired by the incredible technological progression her life saw and imagined what advancements he would see in his.

In 2014, in order to better reflect the portfolio of services offered and include an organizational change, Elgie May, LLC started doing business under the name Emerald Data Partners.

Spending the last 11 years actively listening to clients, Emerald Data Partners has developed solutions serving a clientele of medical professionals, real estate agencies, churches, local governments, non-profits, construction trades, and many other small and medium sized businesses. Our staff of five has the passion is to give our clients more time to do the things they want with the people they love; by ensuring their computer networks are not only reliable but faster and more efficient.

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